1000… 993… 986… 979… or maybe not?

The other day I read in our Les Mills Instructor Newsletter that researchers have found that the “training pain” – meaning when you literally make your muscles burn by performing a very high intensity exercise – can be reduced by up to 50% using the following tricks:

  1. Count backwards from 1000 in steps of 7
  2. Think of something pleasant
  3. Convince yourself that the pain is not so great at all

“Ok”, I said to myself in the following – corona-related virtual – class, “if it helps…”:

1000… 993… 886… 579… uhh no, that’s not it.
1000… 993… 779… 372 DAMNED!

What are you doing there?

We’re in the squats right now!!!

For all the love of multitasking– I dare say that during an Attack class everything except for counting down – in steps of 1! – from eight to zero is perhaps too much to ask.

After all, I already have to perform the right move correctly at the right time and at the same time say the right thing at the right time, so that my participants come along well (and don’t just do whatever comes to their minds) and have fun and also – at least in live classes, as unfortunately I don’t see them with the virtual solution – pay attention to the participants’ technique and correct it if necessary.

No, for the instructor, trick no. 1 is hardly applicable. However, you might think of something pleasant in those moments when you are not busy with other things. If you can still think at all.

Or convince yourself that the pain is not so great. I indeed do that from time to time. I am then quite sure that I can still breathe, too, and that I can definitely continue the class. So far this has always worked for me. 😀

For the participants, however, the first strategy could also work – perhaps less with Attack than with slower programs such as Bodypump, CX or even strength training with heavy weights:

First squat: 1000…; second squat: 993…; third squat 986…; fourth squat 979…

What, done already? I didn’t even notice…

This actually seems to be feasible. And yes, I can definitely imagine very well that you can completely forget about any pain while doing this.

So hey – please FIBEEEER it out and be sure to let me know if it helped you.

Main picture: www.istockphoto.com

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