A passion seldom comes alone

Yesterday evening – there was nobody there who could have held me back – I was once again overcome. I couldn’t resist. It was stronger than me. It just had to be. And anyway, why not?

So I did it – clicked on “buy now”.
… Now four more vinyl records will soon become my property. 🙂

It’s crazy – since online shopping has started, it’s really become much too easy to give in to temptation… It used to be something else – you had to make an effort: You had to go to a store, hope that the object of desire was in stock, at worst you had to order it and then go there again days later to pick it up, after all you had to pay with real money, which is still something else than just clicking “ok”. That’s how people maybe thought twice about the purchase back then.

Sometimes, especially in nostalgic moments (or when I’m skint), I miss these times.

On the other hand – my particular addiction is quite hard to satisfy outside the internet, anyway. And so I have replaced the ritual described above with another. One that combines even two of my greatest passions: music and especially the good old (or new) vinyl record (because the distinctive sound of vinyl is just balm for the ears and the soul) and sport (because sport is something wonderful for body and soul in any case).

Honestly, online vinyl shopping is a great workout.

First of all, the procurement itself: The brain and the blood are already in a state of agitation as you stare at the screen in a concentrated and strained manner, the heart throbs excitedly and hopefully – a slightly increased pulse, that’s the warm-up.
Then the adrenaline rush when you find what you’re looking for, and the accelerated heartbeat when you click the desired item into the shopping cart. Even more excitement can arise if you are then suggested possible other interesting objects or you even come across a “Limited Edition, Coloured Vinyl”!
The heart beats faster and faster as you impatiently wait for the security code to approve the payment… It’s going more and more towards intensive cardio training, towards an Attack power-track.
And finally, when all this is accomplished – a wild tap dance to release the pressure and express the irrepressible joy that takes hold of you instead.

Then comes the waiting time. Burned calories every time you reach for the cell phone, unlock it, scroll with your finger through the e-mails, on the hopeful search for the shipping confirmation. The triumphant winner’s fist, stretched into the air, when it finally appears… If you add up all these calories, a notable result is achieved that you should be aware of. You don’t want to fall into hypoglycaemia and collapse all of a sudden.

Finally, the day eagerly sought: delivery. Or in my case: the pickup. So hurry to the parcel shop – after all, a small jogging unit never harms you. Then you have to carry the package home, this is strength endurance training deluxe with a special focus on biceps curls and chest press – after all, a new vinyl record usually weighs a whopping 180 grams, which can no longer be compared to the former 110-120 grams!

“Discus thrower” (Myron)

In case the record is really bad and you need an exit for anger and disappointment, I recommend discus throw – an Olympic discipline, from the beginning, since ancient times.

If, on the other hand, the disc meets or even exceeds your expectations, series of dancing in your own living room – either slow or rather overflowing, depending on the style of music – follow. But remember to take your shoes off (for the neighbours). And in case the digital download is included, the record becomes part of a playlist… which in turn can be used during training. So in any case it is then a tool for physical exercise – you see, the circle closes.

Finally, I would like to point out – just for the record – that my students also benefit from my passion for music, which clearly helps me to learn my choreographies faster and better. 😀

Now as I think about it – with all these good reasons I should definitely buy new records soon.
What can I say? It’s a vicious circle.

One passion FIBERS the other!

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