Beach experiences

Imagine you are finally at the sea. Even more – you are Northern Germans, live in asylum in Southern Germany and are now FINALLY again by the sea in the North! What is the first thing you do?

Sure – you go to the water. Sniffin’ sea air.

So did I – three days ago – crossed the road, ran up the dike and down again on the other side, then a few meters through the small forest strip (I could see the sand on the other side already!), then climbed the dune of sand, reed grasses and cornflowers. I heard the sound of the sea. I smelled the sea air. I was so happy.

Finally I arrived on the top of the dune and looked at…
No, I really don’t know how to describe it without this blog ending up on the index and being closed forever.

Let’s try the other way: Yoga!
I love yoga. I really like to do it myself, by the way (although unfortunately far too rare due to time constraints).

But I’m usually dressed.

This person was NOT dressed. She was COMPLETELY naked and was in the position of the down-looking dog. (By the way – this person was not quite “fresh” and the down-dog was, unlike on the picture, directly oriented to the sea.)

Any questions?

THAT – WAS – NOT – FIBER – AT – ALL!!! 😡

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