Bodyattack – three cheers for the options!

Last Thursday in my class I said it again to a new participant: The most important thing in Bodyattack is the fun! But directly after that comes the technique: You should always choose the variant – or option – of an exercise that allows you to maintain a good technique. This is much more important to me than that all participants put the pedal to the metal – even though of course I realize that with Attack it is sometimes really difficult not to be carried away….. 😉

Through a decent technique…

  • the risk of injury is considerably reduced or injuries are completely avoided.
  • physical “wear and tear” by sport are kept within limits.
  • every exercise – no matter in which option – remains effective. In other words, a wrong or unclean execution makes the exercise ineffective. Then you can leave it at that, because the exercise has no sense anymore.

Again: I’d rather choose a supposedly “easy” option, which I can execute correctly, than the “cardio hardcore” variant, which I can’t control.

By the way, I stick to this principle in my courses myself, as well…. If I realize that I am not in good enough shape to perform a challenging move – such as tuck jumps, for example – properly, I show this option only once or twice, so that my participants know that they are allowed to do it – before I shift down to a less fastidious variant.

And there is something else I say again and again in my courses: The supposedly “light” variant has a great training effect! By reducing the pace, you have the option of making the same move in a larger range instead: a lower squat, a longer and lower lunge, a lower push-up. So you just shift the training focus – from cardio to strength. And since at the same time you lower your heart rate a little bit, you also pass from impulsive cardio training to fat burning. 😀

Pretty cool, isn’t it? So with Bodyattack you can always choose how you want to train and where your focus is.

And it’s not just that – the ability to choose from a variety of options makes Attack truly a program for everyone. Even members who have not yet done intensive cardio training and are perhaps not yet fit enough for the intensive options can come to Attack, start with the “easy” variants and increase with regular participation. That’s something I’m particularly proud of: When the progress of my participants becomes visible. Only last week I was fortunate enough to say exactly that to two of my faithful “attackers”. 🙂

What a FIBEEER program!!!

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