Gym closed? My backup plan.

With the gyms currently closed, it is difficult for many people to get on their sports quota – not everyone likes to run or bike and not everyone has the equipment for a proper weight training lying around at home. Personally, I am quite a fan of bodyweight training for which no equipment is needed. Besides, some time ago I had already suggested alternative training programs here and here that you can do well at home.

But now I took it one step further, increased the whole thing, jumped from the Warm-up to the Power track, so to speak.

What I did?
It’s simple: I’ve moved!

I can tell you, such a move is a high-intensity full-body workout, in every aspect, it’s as much about cardio fitness as it is about strength… And I didn’t just move, I also changed job and then there was – the corona crisis.

In spite of curfews, contact bans, travel bans etc., I even managed all this in a fairly well organized way.

How did I manage that?

Definitely – with the staying power of an Attacker of course. That was, in a nutshell, the cardio aspect of this action and maybe also a crucial point why everything went so well. 😛

Besides, I spent five days packing boxes. 90 boxes, to be exact. Yes yes yes I know… but what shall I say? I love books, I love vinyl records and I need my clothes and my sports equipment. And a few cooking utensils have also accumulated over the years. And… oh I won’t bore you with the details. 😉

The fact is, I spent days lifting, wrapping and packing things. Then I had to bring the full boxes into the basement, because they couldn’t stay upstairs, then I would soon have had no more room at all. I tell you, vinyl records are even heavier than books… Anyway, over and over again: squat (knees out, back straight, belly firm) and up, squat and up… Carrying the full boxes? Box close to the body, abs braced, shoulders down!

Then a sporty drive: 800 km in under eight hours (various breaks included). There’s really nothing to complain about. 🙂

Afterwards – a few days later, others are not quite as fast! – it was the other way around: unpacking and storing. And again squat and up, squat and up. Again and again the boxes had to be carried from one corner to the other to make some room. I’m telling you, that was abs-leg-booty training at the highest level. By the way, if you push the boxes, you are immediately back in cardio training – the faster and harder you push, the higher your pulse rate goes. In bed at night my whole body was humming.

Thank God I didn’t have to lug furniture around, I left that to the professionals. And there are actually people who can lift a washing machine by themselves! Alone!!

One guy – one washing machine.

I really hope very much that he had his abs braced, his shoulders away from his ears and his shoulder blades pulled together and down… 😀

That’s what I told my brave packing crew again and again, who helped so tirelessly – otherwise, Attacker or no Attacker, I would hardly have managed to pack 90 boxes in five days. 😉

Meanwhile everything is ready. FIBEEER! Okay, there’s one last box with pictures I might hang up at some point. (At the latest, when this thing starts bugging me.) So I don’t have to pack or unpack, haul or clear anything and I’ve thus moved on to doing Pump and CX in my corridor and to running in the city park – which is what you do when you’re not moving and you don’t have to open bottles.

But it would be even more FIBEEEEEER if the gyms could open again and I could finally do Attack again. Because you know how I get withdrawal symptoms. 😀

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