How you can tell in everyday life that the training brings a result

Many of us train as a compensation for sedentary activity. To get your head free. For migraine. For beautiful, defined muscles and an athletic shape. To burn fat. And so on…

But apart from that, in everyday life we can measure by completely different things whether our training brings any benefit.

Yesterday morning in the parking lot outside the office I dropped a shoe. (Ladies – it is a very nice shoe, rosé, 8 cm heel and in front neither too pointed nor too round.) Anyway, I felt like Cinderella: I stood there and my shoe was one meter further back. How did this happen? No idea. But since I know the story of Cinderella well enough, I looked around hopefully whether the prince would appear and hand me my shoe…?

No – no prince, in fact there was no one around.
So I had to take care of it myself, jumping with 8 cm heel on one leg.
Modern Cinderella, huh?

Of course I was extremely elegant and successful and reached my shoe without any further accidents.
Balance and strength – two results from my training. 🙂

This morning began – hard to believe! – even more disappointing than yesterday’s. I received a parcel for business.
WOW, I thought, my first official package at my new job! Cool!
Saw the tape: Watch out for glass!
Saw the big sticker next to it: Handcrafted and distilled with love.

Oh how nice, that must be a delicious drop!!
My heart was pounding, I ripped the tape with joy and… No drinking alcohol.

Damn it!!!
THIS – IS – NOT – OK!!

Me, this morning at about 7:40.

Anyhow – two blinks of an eye later my heart rate had already dropped from 180 back to 70. That’s training effect. 🙂

Training is simply FIBEEEEER and helps us even in situations where we don’t even think about it.


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