In intimate togetherness

Last Wednesday during weight training I tried something new (new for me, at least): I did parts of my individual strength workout, which is tailored to my needs, with a training partner. My good friend and I have two completely different programs apart from one exercise, but we train partly with the same equipment – for example kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells or the curl-bar. His personal trainer and former world champion in bodybuilding Wolfgang Klotz had told him that it was always better to train with a partner:

  1. for safety reasons.
  2. for the motivation.
  3. for the fun.

So we got together and trained alternately at the “stations” that are on the program for both of us. Afterwards we camped next to each other for the remaining exercises in order to support each other during our own breaks and to have a nice chat.

In fact, we agree that we should do this more often from now on – the fun factor was much higher than usual!

“Rarely laughed so much!”

Time flew by and we both think that if we had been alone, we would have done less – less weight and/or fewer repetitions. Because the inner temptation telling you how difficult this is and that you can’t really do anything anymore, has no chance if someone stands next to you who really cheers you on and challenges you.

„Is that all you can give? You wimp….!!

And of course you also have the certainty that your training partner can intervene in an emergency – if the last repetition was one too many.

So at this point many thanks to Wolfgang for this great tip. 🙂

Although, of course, I think I should have known that as a group trainer. No, I have to correct myself: Of course I knew that! After all, we apply this principle every day in our classes and I see every day that my participants give more because they are simply carried away by the group dynamics. Who would do 168 Jumping Lunges all alone?

“What the hell am I doing here?”

You could, of course – but you have to be mentally very strong to pull it off.

But I’ve never transferred that knowledge to strength training. In my head these were two separate things: my classes and my individual strength workout. Of course – the latter is, as the word “individual” already says, tailored to my needs, but on Wednesday we could see that you can still train in company and not have to sport alone.

So what are you waiting for? Try and FIBEEER your next strength workout … in intimate togetherness.

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