New Bodyattack Release 107

Three months have passed in a flash, the new releases have been here for two weeks and I haven’t told you about them yet! So it’s high time we catch up.

My approach, I mentioned it before, is always the same: First I just listen to the music, then I watch the video. This “I only listen to the music” is crucial for my first impression and for how promptly I watch the video and learn the choreo afterwards – the cooler I find the music, the less I can wait for it. To my regret the Release 107 didn’t inspire me right away, as for example the 100, 101 or 102 did last year. Especially tracks 1 and 2 are absolutely crucial in their function as an entry point.

In the new release the first track is rather monotonous – the second reason (besides the stressful pre-Christmas period) why you only get my review now. However, while watching the video I noticed that the choreo of the warm-up is very cool, which could compensate for the problem of the monotonous music. The track has a completely different structure than usual – instead of the traditional two or three training blocks we only have one main block and a smaller intro. And we do a lot for our mobility right from the start – for the first time in this form since I started doing Attack.

The transition to the second track is smooth and very cool, here we also have a song that is really fun. The choreo is demanding for the legs, we start with lots of squats, no leg stays cold. Expect your heart rate to get a little higher and pay attention to the stability in your knees.

The first Aerobic track comes along with the usual moves and new combinations and will definitely be a lot of fun. 😀 Fewer jumping jacks than in the current choreography, but with the more sophisticated overhead arm version – the heart rate will definitely rise.

Our Plyo track 4 – uiuiuiuiui I’m a little undecided. From watching, I see an increased risk of injury in one move and the danger of working unclean in another one, making it thus ineffective – but maybe I’m wrong. I definitely have to test this track once or twice myself before I can do it with my participants. How is the track made up? Five blocks, lots of lunges – the legs will burn! – and lots of burpees. HIIT at its best, no question – with few, short recovery phases.

The Strength track is really super, with a very cool choreo and instead of the small pulse push-ups from the current release there are many single push-ups. Demanding, but very cool. Also the legs and the balance are not neglected.

The Running track is again about stability, which I always appreciate. At the same time there is more jumping than in the current release. Personally, I prefer Running tracks where the heart rate can be calmer and the participants can loosen up a bit, but I don’t think it’s exaggerated here, we’ve already had more exhausting ones in the past.

We continue with the Agility training in four blocks for speed, agility and strength: At first sight rather monotonous, but perhaps this is no longer the case if you “do” it. But I like the surprise at the end, when in the last block it goes into a partner challenge.

In track 8, the Interval training, we have again a nice song and a nice choreo (with the usual moves) for a good mood and wonderful feelings of happiness. 🙂

The second Power track really goes hard again… Music: Well, another song from the 90s, which wasn’t one of my favorites back then, but in retrospect has some cult status. 😛 However, this cover is definitely not one of the best you get to hear. Choreography: Another move that I have to “feel” at least once before I can say whether I like it or not. Two main blocks and a short third block, of course with the indispensable, furious sprint at the end.

In this release the Core training starts directly with the hover – to be precise hover and side hover, for 3 minutes in total over the track. In addition, there are many C-crunches, so the oblique and straight abdominal muscles are definitely not forgotten this time either.

As with the last release, I can only make a final judgment once I have FIBERED and thus “felt“ it at least one time. In my opinion, we’ve had better ones, but we’ve had worse ones as well, so this release seems to be in midfield.

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