New Bodyattack Release 108

It’s about time again: Last Friday I got the new releases and since I was on the road, I could check them out right away during the travel time.

In general I found it remarkable that in all three programs some moves, even whole combinations from the previous choreographies reappear in the new releases. Basically every choreography is a further development from the previous one, so there is always a red thread that runs through the releases and links them together. But this time I noticed it more strongly, so much so that the participants will probably also notice it… Personally, I find that a bit of a pity.

But now to Bodyattack Release 108. 😀

The start of the new choreo is very similar to the last one. But this time the structure of the song is “traditional” again, there are two identical blocks. Somewhat different arm combos to make the shoulders really warm and a great song from the early 90s.

Track 2 appears very diverse, frequent exercise changes, cool new moves and new combinations. If you want, you can really get your pulse racing in this “mixed impact” track. For “just listen to it” this song doesn’t really meet my taste, but it’s a great soundtrack for three pushing blocks – I’m sure everyone will get warm here. 🙂

Also in the first aerobic track there are new arm movements, otherwise it sticks to the “usual” moves and will surely be fun. I personally found the song quite monotonous at first attempt. (Or was it the hum of the plane in my ears? 😛 )

It follows as always the first cardio tip, plyometric training. The track consists of an intro followed by three blocks. Overall I have the impression that it will be a little less strenuous than in the current choreography, but what did my co-trainer say earlier? “You can’ t get much harder than that.” He’s right about that. But maybe I’m wrong, in the end I won’t know until I perform the track for the first time. From the last release we take over the lunges in combination with the reach arm movement that drives the pulse insanely high.

In the fifth track there is once again a completely new move for me, which is about a lot of strength in the legs, but also about stability and balance. I imagine this to be very challenging, especially directly after the first power track, and I’m already quite curious to check it out. From my point of view very positive: As in the current choreo there are again many single push-ups, which many participants can do completely or partially on their toes. Anyway, the song grooves properly and altogether you can do over 100 push-ups again!

Stability and balance is also the theme of the running track, to an epic song from the 80s (although most people probably know the cover of Whitney Houston from 1990). And of course we run again, loosen our arms and legs and take our breath – otherwise it wouldn’t be a running track, would it? 😛

In track 7, agility and speed are trained as always. Let’s Play– lots and lots of ladder runs make our calves burn. In three blocks we train partly together, partly alternately.

The second aerobics track disappoints me very much! Both aerobic tracks, but especially track 8 lives from mood-charged music. However, this boring song has no trait, it is emotionless for my taste – this time there is definitely no goose bumps effect. 🙁

I also have a problem with the music on the second power track – it’s actually a great song, but in my opinion it doesn’t really fit with Bodyattack, and the remix made it much worse. However, I think it’s great that there are again many options and variations to choose from or mix in the three blocks – especially at the end of the class it’s important that all participants, regardless of their individual fitness level, can carry it through to the end.

There follows another very hard but absolutely effective core track, four blocks and three and a half minutes of functional training for a strong trunk, so that we can make Attack longer and better. 😀

I am looking forward to April and I am curious how it will feel to FIBEEEEEER the new release.

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