New Bodyattack Release 109

Yes. Yes. YES!! Strike! In my opinion the best release since at least one year, at least since Release 105. Really great! When I watched it, I had goose bumps at times… But anyone who thought that the new choreo would be a bit “softer” because of the Corona crisis and the closure of the gyms – most of us, myself for example, haven’t made Attack for about three months – was wrong. On the contrary, this choreo is intense. It is awesome. It is hardcore. It is will kill us, I’m sure of it. And it will also make us very happy. 🙂

After the first viewing it was clear for me: As soon as I teach classes again, I will do this choreo, not the Release 108, which just can’t keep up, although, when I first looked at it, I didn’t think it was bad at all. But the 109 definitely has more to offer – the better music, the cooler choreo and some nice surprises.

So let’s start with the warm-up – after the usual short stretching there are three blocks, none of which is identical to the others. I find that interesting, even though it might make the track a little harder to learn than usual. But so what, after all our brains are really craving for it! So we have a repetitive framework and then a different focus in each block – great.

Track 2 – with a touch of Reggae! – is just cool. The usual mixed impact moves fit perfectly to this sometimes very groovy and sometimes strongly pushing song, the whole track is somehow laid-back and fun. But don’t worry, the side run combo will get your heart rate up. The whole thing is rounded off by new arm movements.

The aerobic track is – as is often the case – maybe the track I like least, but it’s still pretty ok. There is a new squat combo and new arm movements in the shuffle.

Then the first power track – wow. Get prepared right now, there will be no breaks. Three blocks with minimal “active regeneration” – a few seconds, just enough to take a deep breath. The surprise here: If I’m not very much mistaken, this is the first plyo track without lunges since the Release 97, but don’t be sad, instead of the lunges there are other moves that will challenge us, push our pulse and push us to our limits. You want to know more? Since it is you, I’ll give you a cue: squat jumps.

Ooooh and here comes the strength track. The song has power – really massive! – and brings us through approximately 100 push-ups. I also think the integration of a new combination for the lower body is great: Those who do Bodypump already know the triple extension, those who don’t – well, you’ll see. 🙂

A remake of an epic song by ABBA for the running track is of course a great thing. There is another novelty here and the fun will certainly not be missing.

Track 7 – agility – this time it’s really massive… Get ready to rumble! This agility track probably wanted to become a power track in reality. Nevertheless, speed training is not neglected and as for the rest – you always have a choice. 😉

In the interval training we already had better songs, but also much worse ones. Again a new arm combination and – incredible, but true! – small jumping jacks (in the interval track…?!?). As I wrote at the beginning: This release is hardcore.

And now to goose-bumps-track-9, the song title is actually program: “We are fighters”. We are Attackers and yes, whoever wants to can really give it all here, we will be biting and fighting. “Through the night, you and I, run until there’s nothing left”: Three blocks and one last surprise, just when you think it can’t get any worse. The song and the group dynamics will definitely help here.

The belly track seems very exhausting to me after all this, because we start ambitiously, with a hover. I hope that we will still have the strength to do the exercises properly.

My overall conclusion: Release 109 is simply FIBEEEER.

I hope I will survive it. 😀

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