Posture, please!

Last week I travelled – finally again – to the North of Germany to take care of my brother’s children and house. I went there by train. I really like going by train. First, I think that it is really comfortable – you don’t have to be there hours before like when flying, there are no problems with drinks you want to take with you and no luggage restrictions (except, maybe, for your own strength), you also don’t have to undress completely before you can board the train and once you have taken your seat you can lean back, get up anytime and take a few steps, read, sleep, listen to music, just look out the window…. – which brings me to my second point: I personally consider the trip to be part of the journey. I like watching the world pass by my window and the landscape change as the journey progresses – in a relaxed way, without having to worry about traffic or getting stuck in traffic jams.

By the way, this attitude helps you to avoid getting upset when something goes wrong and you miss a connecting train – after all, this is also part of the journey and who knows what could happen as a consequence? 🙂 … I also never feel sick on the train and last but not least it is environmentally friendly and CO2-saving.

The only disadvantage compared to a car is that you have to carry the suitcase at least into the train. Therefore, and in case you have to run to catch the train, I recommend flat, comfortable shoes. 😀

Last week, contrary to expectations, my suitcase was actually quite heavy – the devil alone knows why, after all I had only packed the essentials: sports clothes and equipment, swimming gear, one or two pairs of shoes, some normal clothes…. as I said, only the bare necessities!!! In addition there was the bag with the food, which almost weighed as much as the suitcase, and the handbag with the usual indispensable stuff. What can I say? It was quite a haggling. Thanks to God my suitcase has wheels! But when you go up and down stairs, you have to carry it. So: handbag on one shoulder, food bag on the other and off I went.

That’s when it struck me that I automatically fell into a posture that can often be seen in athletes who train very hard: The shoulders move up towards the ears, you bend forward slightly, the chest falls inwards and the whole upper body somehow collapses.

Hell! I thought to myself. You are a trainer!!
Posture, please!!

So I straightened up, pulled the shoulder blades down and in the direction of the spine – this automatically causes the shoulders to move down and the chest to come out. Tightened the belly and the weight of the bags didn’t seem so bad anymore. The strain on the back was also noticeably reduced.

Conclusion: The posture which is so important during exercise is just as important in our everyday lives.

This is exactly why we recommend functional exercises and the strengthening of our deep core muscles, e.g. with CXWorx: So that we can carry out such movements and strains in a “healthy” way in everyday life and protect our back.

Besides, an upright, proud posture looks great in any situation, doesn’t it? 😀

P.S. … And as a side effect you can simply improvise a little strength training from the towing. Just in case you don’t have a stubborn prosecco bottle at hand.


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