Release Day

We’re ready to go. Are we?

For weeks we worked in the evenings. The admin also on weekends, day in, day out. The editor has torn her fingers to pieces in order to put enough contributions to paper.

So – are we ready to go now?

Let’s go over everything again… security? Contents? Meta tags? Plugins? Legal notice? Privacy policy? Commentary feature?

Ok – some things we can’t check right now. For example, whether the font color in the newsletter – we call it blog update – finally fits. We will see that with the next update. And some of the automatic texts have not yet been translated, but we won’t notice that until we see them… It’s all still on the to-do list, so we won’t forget it. So, let’s proceed…

We need a description of the blog. AARKS, that’s easier said than done. We want it to fit. We want it to be conclusive. But not too long. And not too short.

Tumultuous scenes take place. Emergency messages go out.

Okay – the description is in. What else is missing?

The phone’s ringing, again. Somebody wants something totally different.

“AAAAARGHHHHH… If we don’t get this online today, I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown and then there’s no Bodyattack class tonight, I can tell you that!”

“FOR GOD’S S WILL – no that won’t happen. Keep calm. Today is our release day.”

… And that’s how it was. 🙂

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