The pelvic floor

Last night, a colleague at the gym said to me: “I’m sure you can help me.” She wanted to offer a four- or six-week course specifically for pelvic floor training and did not know how best to “advertise” it.

Of course, flyers with formulations such as “particularly suitable for men with prostate cancer and for women with bladder weakness” are certainly not very well received – even if the facts are correct. So I have meditated about pelvic floor training and would like to share my thoughts with you:

  • A trained pelvic floor provides a good posture.
  • Strength athletes and bodybuilders also benefit from a strong pelvic floor as it helps to perform exercises with heavy weights correctly.
  • Have you ever tensed your pelvic floor in hover or plank? Try it and you’ll see that almost your whole powerhouse gets into tension.

In short:

The pelvic floor gives us strength and stability from the centre of the body.

You want some medical facts?

  • A well-trained pelvic floor helps with general connective tissue weakness and obesity.
  • The pelvic floor stabilizes our internal organs and keeps them where they should be – especially important after surgery in the pelvic area (prostate, uterus).
  • And last but not least of course the above mentioned facts, which are very important but not very sexy: A strong pelvic floor helps with bladder and intestinal weakness and potency problems.

Conclusion: The pelvic floor is super FIBER and we should not neglect it under any circumstances!

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