The somewhat different shooting club

Yesterday I came across a newspaper article by chance, whose content fits into our oddities-section very well. It drew my attention to a previously unknown sport:

Long-range crown cap shooting

A sports club in Langenneufnach (Augsburg district) started this event in 2009, so this year they actually celebrated a jubilee.

In the course of the tournament with group and knockout phases, the participants have to lift the crown caps from the beer bottles with an opener of their choice and let them fly as far as possible. It seems that shots up to more than 10 meters are reached!

Besides the classic bottle opener – the lighter – there are many other potential tools:

There are three rules:

  • The cap not only has to fly far, but must also land within the marked playing field.
  • The bottle has to be held with one hand just below the cap.
  • But most of all: The bottle’s content must not be spilled under any circumstances. (I assume it will be used for other purposes at a later moment. :D)

During my research on the subject of crown cap shooting, I also came across the variant crown cork target shooting. Here, it’s not a matter of distance, but of accuracy – everyone shoots from the same distance and the closer the cap lands to the marked target, the better they go.

Great, I’m sure that’s both super funny. I’d like to try it out, but as a very sporadic fruit-beer-only drinker I’m unfortunately not very good at opening bottles with something other than a bottle opener… Nevertheless, I’m particularly tempted by target shooting – who knows, the right target (and thus the right motivation) could awaken some unexpected talent in me? Or I could hire a shooter and share the profit: honour and title for me, beer for him (or her)! After all, without me they would never have found out about it and so I deserve a share, don’t I? 😉

And if after the tournament you don’t know what to do with the all those crown corks, you can use them for making designer furniture – that will also be sustainable.

They may also be used to make jewellery. A tunnel plug crown cork earring would certainly look very … special. This is how we even set new trends.


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