Update: New Bodyattack Release 109

… or: The pinewood revival

Okay, guys, I have to revise my opinion. The Attack release 109 is even more kick-ass than I had written in my first review. It is clearly on a par with release 102.

So what could have been more obvious than to honour this incredible new choreo – and the hot summer temperatures – with a pine forest revival yesterday? Drinks, bluetooth box and towel packed in the backpack and then we ran to the city park. My guest had to come along, of course, whether he wanted to or not. There we chose a nice tree (not a pine tree, but a big maple tree which gives a lot of shade) and off we went with Attack! By the way, the city park has a lot to offer, so that we aardvarks could afterwards plunge into the cool water to wash off sweat and dirt from our bodies and clothes. The ducks might have been a little irritated when looking at our socks, but we didn’t care. 😀

And since I, of course, absolutely want you to be part of it… I would like to give you two samples from my new favourite release. 🙂

Track 3
Track 9


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