WT* is Bodyattack???

Ok, since I do mention my beloved program Attack every now and then – full name “Les Mills BODYATTACK” – maybe I should tell you briefly what it is:

Bodyattack is an intensive, high-speed interval workout that allows everyone – beginners and experienced athletes alike – to reach their personal limits.

What’s the score? Within an hour you burn up to 730 calories, strengthen your cardiovascular system, do something for your endurance, improve your coordination and strengthen and define your muscles. You’ll run faster, act stronger and stand more stable.

But the most important thing is: It’s reeeal fun – after this training you will feel exhausted, but really good.

Bodyattack gives you an emotional and physical kick that is simply addictive.

FIBER it out – with me at Hardy’s fitness center in Landsberg or in your gym – and let me know how you’ve been.

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