Snooping welcome

Today, on the radio, I heard a post about a study recently conducted in Florida. The researchers had focused on the bikini or swimwear shape or, more precisely, on strategies to help achieve this. Attention – it was NOT about a new diet, but more about tricks and mechanisms that should also help with a normal diet not to go off the rails.

To anticipate the result immediately:

It turned out that you automatically eat less if you have previously simply smelled the food for at least two minutes.

Sure, I thought to myself – that figures: Why do cooks always eat less than their guests? This is certainly not because of the 1,2,…10 spoons or portions they have tasted. 😀 No, I rather think it’s because they stay in the food scent during the whole cooking process. I think of the holidays and of my mum, who cooks a delicious feast (and really doesn’t taste too often) and then after half a plate regularly says: “Actually I’m already full.”

And honestly – food smell can be delicious, but have you ever noticed how unpleasant the same – previously delicious – smell can be when you are full? Or when you come out of the restaurant and your clothes literally stink of the actually delicious food? Or in the cinema: popcorn smell before the film – yummy. Popcorn smell after the movie, that is, after you’ve stuffed half a kilo into yourself – BLUBB no thanks.

All this would confirm the above theory.

So – I suggest we try it. The next time we go to a restaurant we should first sniff our food for at least two minutes – and I think two minutes can be very, VERY long – before we pick up the cutlery. Ok, it could be that waiters and companions look at us a bit strangely, but after all we do it for our health. Because while the others stuff three portions of French fries into themselves, we finish after one plate.

Unfortunately, this trick only partially solves our sweets problem: The smell of chocolate is really soooo light and … mjam. Do gummy bears have an odour? But hey – at least with the above mentioned popcorn it will surely work out: You plunge your head into the popcorn machine at the cinema for two minutes and TATAAAA you are full. (And I’m sure your hair will look super cool afterwards.) Or – in order to avoid problems with the cinema staff and the other spectators – you can of course also simply encourage your companions to buy a box, sniff it for two minutes and then it goes “Oh baby, I think I’m not hungry anymore, you can eat it alone…”. (Whether this is then really target-oriented is another matter.)

FIBEEEER that out and let me know how it went.

P.S. But maybe this realization is not new at all, but a secret long-kept by the hotel restaurant “Am Schnüffel” now finally revealed… Apparently snooping (in Germain said “schnüffeln”) is always wanted there, with a view of the Siebengebirge. 😀

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