Recently, on holiday: a provisional strength training session

If there is no gym nearby… or if it is too hot for an intensive training session anyway… or if you want to try something different…


  • A bottle of prosecco with a very firm cork. It is best to take the last available bottle in the supermarket, then nothing can go wrong. (Later, in case of successful training, you will also need seaberry liqueur in a ratio of 1:2 to the prosecco, a splash of mineral water, any amount of ice cubes and, if available, 1-2 kumquats per athlete.)
  • A not too high-quality corkscrew that has definitely seen better days.
  • A sharp knife, a blunt knife, a wooden spoon.


Try to remove the cork from the bottle with this corkscrew. This can be done in different positions: bottle inside the sink. Bottle on the floor (better power transfer, as you can pull directly from above). Please clench your teeth firmly and keep your tongue away from them! A mouthguard would be quite appropriate. I recommend to work alternately, one needs to recover! One or the other bodybuilder would have been very impressed by the size of our biceps, triceps and carotid artery during this exercise. Slight turning movements loosen the cork, it comes up a few millimetres but then stops again. But that’s ok, it’s part of the exercise.

Now use the sharp knife to cleanly cut off the torn upper part of the cork (it should be about 2-3 millimetres).

Now that the cork has decided not to move anymore and for lack of a machete to expertly knock off the neck of the bottle, please take the blunt knife, alternately the tip of the corkscrew, to crumble the top of the cork, hoping that it will come loose.

Approximately 30 minutes later, both athletes now completely soaked with sweat, the cork is crumbled to such an extent that it can finally be pressed into the bottle with the handle of a wooden spoon, using all available reserves of (brute) force.

God, we FIBEEER-deserved this aperitif!

P.S. We assume no liability for injuries to athletes or damage to exercise equipment.

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