The Bluetooth Ghost

The other day during Attack I had to realize right at the beginning that I was apparently quite dead. I felt very much alive, my arms and legs were moving and I had already successfully completed my CX class, but the display of my Polar pulse watch “heart rate=0” wanted to tell me something else.

Never mind – keep going.
It was only annoying with regard to the tracking of the class anyway. I confess, I’m a statistics freak and like to keep my digital sports diary up-to-date, in order to track my progress and check the statistics of the respective activity.

Anyway… When I synchronized the clock with the app after the class just like I always do, I noticed that the heart rate in track 2 or 3 had picked up again (thank God, not ready for the box yet 😀 ), but in the last track it had gone back to zero.

Nuh-uh. Maybe new batteries?

The enlightenment came to me in a conversation with one of my participants, who had registered heart rate dropouts on his pulse watch at exactly the same moments:

It must have been the Bluetooth Ghost!

So did Harald Blauzahn come among us and take pleasure in disturbing our transmissions? But the history books say that he wanted to unite what was separate and not the other way around….

Tstststs. Harald, this isn’t FIBEEER.

P.S. But now that I think about it again, this spook has a very positive aspect:

Finally I think about showing you what happens to your heart rate during an Attack class!

Very visible are the peaks in track 4, 7 and 9 and of course the high intensity of the whole training. (While we deliberately ignore, of course, the crashes at the beginning and at the end of today’s class). Pretty cool, huh?

If you want, you can have hardcore. If you don’t want hardcore, you will definitely get an awesome functional whole body workout.

Thank you, Harald, for bringing this to our attention. 🙂

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