Like a fish on the dry

Day 1: Regeneration
Holiday. Vacation. HOLIDAY!!! 🙂 And thank God, today is regeneration day. The perfect day for a long drive north!

Then it hits me like a punch. In this case vacation also means: 17 days without Bodyattack!!! Oh-my-God!

How am I supposed to put up with this?

Day 2: The last temptation
We arrived in Berlin last night and set off today to discover the city. Oh look at that – a gym!! I’m wondering if I should go in and ask if they’re running Attack. I might even be able to participate. Purely prophylactic, last chance, then it will be over, as of Saturday there will be no Les Mills studio within a radius of 100 km or more…. Aaarks too late – I am being pulled along with gentle force. Well, all right, it doesn’t matter…

Day 5: Finally some sports again!
Despite the many long walks on the Zingst beach in the last days – I need more. I need sports!!! So in the morning I jump out of bed, put my running shoes on and off I go. First on the dike and then back over the beach.

Day 7: Hot & cold
Since two days it is really very, very hot, there is no thinking about real sport. Merely a pine forest could help now… But there is none here and so I help myself with beach & sea: A very long walk and various jumps into the marvelous cool water (I guess the water temperature is about 15°C). BRRRRRRRRR 😀


Day 10:Whoa, I really need some action….”
Stay calm…. don’t get nervous… shoes on… and on the dike for the usual run.
Today I have a new challenge: The water is high, so that there is only a narrow, strongly sloping strip of solid sand. This means that in order not to strain the knees, I have to run through the dry, soft sand. That’s hard work, my average pulse confirms this with 160 beats per minute. That’d be okay if it was Attack. But when I run this is really too high…
Like that, there’s no way to have a nice flow. 🙁

I want ATTACK!!! 😡

Day 13: Fly baby, fly!
I must say, I really don’t feel like running anymore. I’m just not in the mood. I-DON’T-WANT-TO!! But it’s no use – doing Attack is not possible, there is not enough space, I can do CX later at home but still these 27 minutes alone are not quite enough…
I’m seriously thinking about running headlong against the wall a few times with a lot of momentum – the temptation is great but I resist, after all.

So – running shoes on and let’s go. Weather forecast: strong winds. On the coast, gusts of wind around 60 km/h (which means wind force 7 to 8 BFT) from northwest to west. With a pace of 5:30 min/km I struggle over the dike against the wind – what an awesome training, finally a new challenge! It is just great! But it is also really exhausting and I am happy when I finally turn right towards the beach. And the way back? The sand is perfect, the same wind pushes from behind and I fly over the beach, my feet hardly touch the sand. Now I can imagine how the seagulls gliding through the air beside me are feeling – they are the only companions I have this morning.
I am so into the flow… I want more, more, MOOORE!!!

– I’d run to the ends of the earth if it weren’t for the way back. –

Just by watching, the adrenaline
shoots through my veins.

Day 15: Like a fish on the dry!
Despite a very nice morning run, I can’t stand it any longer and concede myself to have a look at the video of the new Attack-Release. After all, on Sunday I have to be able to do 120% of it.

Like a fish on dry land I reach for every straw.

Day 17: Farewell
The time has come. The car is loaded, with melancholy in our hearts we set off back to our “home in exile”. With us we take away the thoughts of the wide sky, the rushing sea and the salty air. Being a Northern German girl, this longing will accompany me for a long time to come.

But now I gotta go. I gotta go full throttle, go home fast.

Attack is waiting for me! 😀

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