Beach experiences – a new attempt

My encounter with the down-looking dog is now almost four days ago and after recovering somewhat from this shock, I decided this morning that I finally needed exercise again – more exercise than only extensive walks. So I laced up my jogging shoes and set off again.

Since I prefer to run laps, I decided to first stay on the dike and go West, then at some point to hit the bow down to the beach and jog back on the beach.

I love running. You can do it anytime and anywhere, all you really need are some good running shoes (and the emphasis is on “good” – after all, we want to do that for many years to come, don’t we?). It is at the same time physically demanding (a little more or a little less – depending on the pace – but you always know what you have done) and meditative – it frees your mind. The thoughts wander. You are all alone with yourself and your thoughts. And if all goes well and if you catch the right pace, you get into the so-called flow, or “runners high”, a kind of trance state. Then you run and run without realizing it. The body moves by itself, everything is very easy and you get into a state of pure happiness, you get high.

I especially love running by the sea. The forest comes second, but for me the sea is simply the ultimate. The fresh wind blows into your face and makes your mind even a little more free. The view may wander – over the wide water, over the sand on the beach. And the air smells – of the wide sea, of salt.

The sandy bottom directly on the shore is best suited for running, at the top it is too soft and then it gets really very, very strenuous. But right on the shore, where the sand is moist, it is firm enough, one has good hold and can run wonderfully, but at the same time it gives in a little bit, which makes it gentler than asphalt. This is comparable to a soft forest ground.

When I am running along the sea like that – it was the same today – I am just happy. Satisfied. All with myself. Just FIBER.

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