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Recently I thought of a great song by Queen. Cause it would be about time for the “summer cleaning” – thus the windows and the balcony. And for that I should renounce to other, much nicer leisure activities – for example Attack or skating or… oh, I could think of a lot of things to do instead! Believe me, my only thought was: I want to break free! 😡

Honestly, cleaning is a pain in the a**. Exhausting. You often have a backache afterwards. The only good thing about it is that you can listen to music loudly and nobody can blame you for it – it’s like Attack: Without loud music IT SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK. 😀

Hey – what an interesting thought actually:

Maybe I’ve just taken a completely wrong approach so far.

The fact that cleaning is exhausting is not a bad thing by itself. It’s only exhausting in the wrong way – keyword “backaches”. What if I turn a cleaning session into a training session? Then it could be exhausting in the right way.

Let’s take vacuuming (or wiping the floor) for example: Normally you sneak through the room with small steps, a bent posture and your back getting more and more crooked. How about we put some lunges in here? Large and deep steps forward please, while we remain upright, tighten the belly, pull the shoulders down and also activate our back as we move the vacuum cleaner or mop back and forth. Pulse lunges, if you have to work longer in one place, otherwise you can move forward wonderfully with lunges. Or sideways, with side lunges. Attention, in all lunges the front or outer knee must always remain outside, always above the centre of the foot.

You have to dust? The shelves at the bottom are always very popular – when you have to bend doooooown a lot. So how about some nice, deep, clean squats? And the shelves above? If you do it properly, you’ll have to take something off the shelf from time to time – an excellent opportunity for biceps curls! And then everything has to go back to its place, so that our upper arm stretcher, the triceps, doesn’t miss out either. But always keep your posture, please: The shoulders remain low, otherwise it becomes ineffective. We want the arms to work, not the back or chest muscles. And we don’t want to tense up in the process either. It can sometimes get more difficult if you want to dust off the ceiling lamps. But with the help of a long feather duster it could become a very efficient training of our shoulder, chest and back muscles (especially the latissimus dorsi muscles). 🙂

You do the window cleaning in a similar way. With floor-deep windows you squat downwards and then you stretch up again. Maybe with a small straight jump, so you can get to the top of the window without using any stool? Please land with bent knees and a tight belly to stabilise your upper body. And be careful not to bend your knees inwards during the landing.

What else is there to do? Oh yes – from time to time you have to wipe or vacuum dust under the sofa or bed; sometimes, in order to increase the range, you have to lie on the floor. You could just try that from the hover. Quite exhausting, but really effective!

After all, even ironing can be converted into a training session: We do something for our abdomen – the oblique abdominal muscles, to be precise – if we concentrate on twisting from the middle of the chest while ironing and keeping our hips and belly button straight and parallel to the ironing board. Say hello to a slim waist!

Wow, what a workout!! Really FIBER – now with the right soundtrack cleaning becomes real fun.
… Maybe. 😀

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