New Bodyattack Release 110

The new releases are out! To be honest, for a few weeks now, but so far I’ve only had the time to listen to the music. It wasn’t bad at all and made me want more. And now finally I had the opportunity to watch the choreo and I don’t want to withhold my first impressions from you any longer.

The warm-up is fast and cheerful. It basically follows the usual structure, with deviations in the third block. After a long time, we have side lunges in the warm-up, so the legs are sure to get all warm and stretched.

Great smooth transition into our mixed impact track! Here too, in the third block, there’s something we haven’t had in a while: the squat-lung combo, and now it’s complemented by a knee lift. I suppose those who sometimes have coordination difficulties will need a few tries here until it runs smoothly – but I’m sure everyone will do wonderfully in the end. Also new: jumping jacks in track 2… One starts suspecting that it might be an exhausting release. 😛

Track 3 – aerobic workout – comes along very unfamiliar with step curl and bounce… Besides that, there are of course the usual combos, so that the heart rate gets a little higher.

Ok – inspite of there being only a few lunges, I think the plyometric workout in track 4 will decently exhaust us. I may be wrong, but the 3-step-run and burpee combo might be challenging. 🙂 Three blocks to really step it up… and that’s all I’m going to say about that at this point. 😀

As always, this is followed by the first strength track, featuring a super cool combo of tight, medium and wide push-ups – single as well as pulse – so that triceps and pecs are equally challenged. Roughly speaking, this time we will do about 100 push-ups. Of course, the focus is as always on the upper body – but the lower body is not neglected either.

The running track will probably be familiar to everyone from a music point of view – another hit from the 90s. This time our balance is challenged and of course we run a lot to loosen up our muscles and prepare for the second part of the class.

All right, I think the agility workout (track 7) really packs a punch in this release… The moves are fast, small, compact – are our calves invincible? Wow… I have to confess, with one exercise I’m not sure I won’t have a knot in my legs very quickly…. A short break after 2:30 minutes and then it starts all over again. Everything is based on the idea that there is a ladder on the floor in front of us, in and around which we have to move. This is functional training and everyone decides for themselves at what level by setting their own individual speed.

There are no surprises in the interval training this time, and no particularly complex arm movements, either. 🙂

Did I write something about “few lunges” above? I think maybe I should delete that comment after all. At the 30th second of track 9, the second power track, I know exactly why there were only 48 lunges in track 4. For this track we definitely need all the power we still have left in us and will tap our last reserves. This is high-intensity circuit training: four basic moves (run, lunges, climbers and jacks with their two to three variations each), each 20 seconds long, three blocks with short active recovery in between and the mandatory sprint at the end. Any questions?

We finish with the core track, which starts with a side hover. An interesting crunch combination follows. Two sets per block, two blocks and it’s done. At least we don’t have to do the mountain climber again like in the current release, but we have a short set of cross crawl for the oblique abs at the end.

In summary, at the moment I expect Release 110 to be more strenuous than its very harmonious and balanced predecessor… But I have hope that it will not destroy us completely 😀 and I look forward to it! Unfortunately, it will only be available in virtual courses for now, but let’s hope we can FIBEEEEEEER together live again soon.

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