Exploring new paths. …uh, I mean running new paths, of course.

This morning I thought about the fact that the current, difficult situation also has, thank God, positive effects. It may be out of necessity, but still:

New solutions are sought, new paths are taken.
(Or, as we will soon see, run.)

And many of these new paths are exciting and should definitely be supported – now and in the future. Which brings me to my topic for today:

Since the hella hamburg half-marathon (like so many other sports events) unfortunately cannot take place as planned this year (that’s the bad news), a great solution has been found – the hella hamburg half-marathon goes digital (and that’s the good news). 🙂

What’s cool about that: It’s not just people from Hamburg that can participate. Sure, everyone could participate in the “real” half-marathon as well, but that was then connected with a more or less long journey, accommodation costs, the necessity to take one or more days off etc. Now, on the other hand, any runner from anywhere in the world can take part, on site at his or her home. The same applies to skaters by the way.

Since such a digital event can of course not run in the same way as the “original”, the general conditions were changed a little bit:

  1. Day and time: If you feel like it, on 28.06.2020 between 0:00 and 23:59 (Hamburg local time) you can run or skate 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon distance or any “arbitrary distance” (which means as much as: Uh, I don’t wanna commit myself right now and then just run as far as I can/want to.).
  1. Costs: There is the possibility to participate for free, then really everything is digital: starting number, certificate etc. However, if you would like to have an original starting number and a medal, you will have to pay a fee. As additional options, the hella hamburg half-marathon shirt and socks can be purchased. If you wish, you can also donate any amount to the “Hamburger Elterninitiative rheumakranker Kinder e.V.” and/or the organizer (“BMS – Die Laufgesellschaft“).
  1. The run can be tracked via an app, which will soon be made available by hella hamburg half-marathon, and anyone who wishes can then upload the results to a results list.

If you decide for the paid version, you should register soon, so that the starter package arrives in time for 28.06.2020!

Apart from that I can only say: We will “see” each other on 28.06.2020 in the digital Hamburg of the hella hamburg half-marathon. Let’s go for a FIBEEEEEEEEER together!

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