Bodyattack overdose days

Last night I thought:

Okay – this is getting kind of tough.

For almost four weeks now I have been giving four Bodyattack classes per week due to various holiday replacements. These are my Attack overdose days! As a kind of compensation for the 17 days I had to get along without… – But that’s a different story.

Anyway, at the same time I thought about what a great and versatile program Bodyattack is!

(… sweat…)

Last week, for example, I invited some orphaned Bodybalance participants whose course was cancelled into my class and spontaneously turned it into an “Attack Light” lesson – besides, it was also very hot that evening at 33°C!

So we all concentrated on the less cardio- and more strength-oriented variants of the individual exercises and thereby all survived very well. 🙂

Yesterday, on the other hand, I stood in for another colleague and her Grit Cardio – and was able to offer an “Attack Hardcore” program to the “Gritlers” as well as to my faithful “Attackers” who had heard that, which apart from the warm-up consisted only of the power tracks – the cardio peaks – from three different releases. We pulled them all through one after the other and then the half hour was already over. I think I can justifiably say: That was Grit!

Hand on my heart – that (and my passion for this program) is probably the reason why I survived the last weeks so well and still feel like “attacking”. With Bodyattack you can adjust the training intensity yourself. You can alternate hardcore classes with light classes, you can shift up or down a gear within the same class, depending on the daily form, weather, participants….

In which other program is there so much room for your own needs and so much flexibility? It is simply FIBEEEEEEEEEEER!

There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of Attackfaction. 😀


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